What’s This?

The first story in this series was written before my legacy Sim Sugar Maple Bough’s act of supreme self-determination, which has changed my personal prime directive for game-play to one of non-interference with the lives of the Sims on my hard drive.

I wrote this story for the August 2015 Short Story Challenge on the EA Forums, which has the theme of “firsts.” Because of my new prime directive, I don’t want to take screenshots to illustrate this story. That would be like me saying, “Um. Excuse me, Geoffrey. Do you think you and Nancy can get a divorce and you can hook up with and marry this cute older yoga woman so I can get the right pictures for my story?” I’m not going to do that. But I do want to explore the character of Nancy.

So I’m starting this series of stories called “FanFic.” This is where I’ll place all the Sims stories that I want to write but which my prime directive won’t allow me to take screenshots for. A happy solution!

Please note: These fanfic pieces may contain adult situations and brief scenes of nudity. These stories are intended for adult readers.


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